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The UPS synchronization has been configured but does not function.

Created 07/30/2012 02:30  |   Updated 10/04/2013 02:42

In case a UPS synchronization function operates improperly, the connection or the set-up may be incorrect.
Check the following items.

  1. Initialize the set-up for the UPS.
    Confirm the initial set-up by referring to user's manual issued by each UPS manufacturer.
  2. Connect the USB port of the product and the UPS directly with a dedicated cable attached to the UPS.
    - Only compatible USB products are to be connected to the product.
    - No multiple connection, for example, via a USB hub, is acceptable, even between pieces of USB compatible equipment.
  3. Set on the product as follows.
    Select [Management]-[UPS Sync], followed by clicking [Edit] on "UPS Synchronization Settings".
    Tick "Sync with the UPS connected to the TeraStation."
    Item Set-up
    UPS connection type (depending on the UPS manufacturer's instruction)
    Shutdown will occur if [Power outage longer than x-minutes.]
    [UPS send low battery signal.]
    How should the UPS behave after a TeraStation shutdown? [Turn Off]
    UPS Recovery [Enabled]



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