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I forgot what I changed the router's password to. How do I recover the settings.

Created 08/02/2012 06:57  |   Updated 09/07/2012 07:36

With Buffalo Firmware, you can backup your settings/configuration  into a backup configuration file.

We suggest that you backup your router settings to a file using default password or a well known MASTER password of your choice.

In case you forgot your password , you can recover settings by first resetting the router to factory default  and next, by uploading the last configuration file.


When configuration file is uploaded and restored, the password will be restored to what ever it was when the configuration file back up was made. (example : your  MASTER password )


A password is required even when there is a backup configuration file.

If you have no password, you will have to REST the router to to factory default. by pressing the Reset button of the router. The router reset button is recessed and will require a pin to access. To reset the router, follow the instruction bellow:

1- Press the button for 3 seconds.

2- LED will indicate router reboot.





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