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How to: Initiate Wake on LAN (WOL) on Buffalo wireless Router ( User-Friendly Firmware)

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To reduce energy consumption, a computer is put in hibernate, suspend or sleep mode when it is not in use.

Wake On LAN (WOL) provides a mechanism to fully turn on the computer through the network interface.

The WOL wake up call is accomplished by sending a special UDP "Magic Packet" to the specific target computers on the network.

With Buffalo User-Friendly Firmware, Sending the WOL to a PC is accomplished by simple push of a button.

  1. Login to the web configuration interface of the AirStation.
  2. From Setup tab, under Utilities click [Network Service List] button.

  3. A list of active clients PCs on the network will be displayed.

  4. Click on WOL Icon to send WOL magic packet to wake up the computer.

Client PC Requirements :

For WOL to work, The client's network adapter will have to have WOL support.

  1. On Windows, go to start and run the following command:

  2. Click [Network Adapters] and right click the adapter that is connected to the router.
    Slect properties from the context menu.

  3. To enable WOL on client, in the adapter property set the "Wake on .." option For Example :


    To get Client MAC addres on Windows, from start menu Run "cmd" to start shall console
    and type the following command

    "ipconfig /all" .

    This will list all interfaces and MAC address in following form :

    Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 44-66-51-81-DD-FE

    If you want to trouble shoot, use wireshark (http://www.wireshark.org) to see packets and

    USE "WOL Magic Packet Sender" (http://magicpacket.free.fr/) to generate packets from a remote PC.



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