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How to: Enable and Set Jumbo Frame (Ethernet frame) size for the TeraStation

Created 09/24/2012 07:42  |   Updated 09/27/2013 06:59

Enabling jumbo frames support will greatly improve read/write operation to NAS device on the LAN network.

However, jumbo frame setting may not be supported by some routers and host PCs. Internet access may  not be possible due to MTU setting variation and limitation of  intermediate routers.

Generally, clients with Gigabit Ethernet adapters can support Jumbo frames on the same LAN segment.

Refer to adapter configuration settings to check your host PCs adapter settings before changing the default frame size.


To configure Jumbo frame (adjust Ethernet frame) ,  follow the steps bellow:



1- Log-in to administration WEB UI.


2- Navigate to Network -> IP Address :





3- Click the LAN Interface




4- Click [Edit] button to change settings. Next, select the frame size from drop down list and click [OK] .







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