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How To: Upload files from iPad and IPhone with MiniStation application to MiniStation Air Device.

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Picture files and video files in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch are uploaded from (and downloaded to) [Albums] only.
To access [Albums], tap [Photos] and select [Albums] for list of available albums.
Downloaded files will be listed and can be accessed from within MiniStation Air application.


Photo Albums - The files have to be placed in the "Albums" .


1- To access Albums, Tap [Photos]



2 - Tap [Albums]


and select any of the Albums .


Make sure the intended files are in the alum for upload.


To Upload a file to Ministation Air


1- Tap [MiniStation] Application


2- In the application

A. Tap [MiniStation].

B. Tap [Sync].

C. Tap [+] and select the files to upload.



3- Next Select Album



4- Select Picture to upload and push upload button




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