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When you update the firmware, the message "Updating Firmware" is displayed, but the firmware update never finish.

Created 08/30/2013 06:03  |   Updated 09/03/2013 01:11

The online update server may be not responding.

If the message persists for more than 10 minutes, turn off the LinkStation or TeraStation. Reboot the LinkStation or TeraStation, wait for a while, and update the firmware again.



Turning the LinkStation or TeraStation On and Off


The LS-XL series LinkStation does not have a power button. It automatically turns on when the AC adapter is connected. To turn the LinkStation on after a shutdown, unplug the AC adapter and then plug it back in again.

To turn off the power, open NAS Navigator2, right-click the LinkStation icon, and click [Shut Down].


For other LinkStations

Move the power switch on the back of the LinkStation to the “on” position to turn it on.

To turn it off, move the switch to the “off” position and wait for the unit to fully shut down.



For TeraStations

Press the power button on the TeraStation to turn it on.

Press the power button twice within 3 seconds to shut it down.



OS / Hardware

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