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What does the message on the LCD display indicate when the ERROR LED is turned on? _02 (TS3000 series)

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Refer to the following boxes which is listed the meaning of LED blinking and the resolution.
If the firmware version is 1.12 or earlier, please click here to see the error codes.

LCD Message


Corrective Action

E10 UPS Running
Off Battery

The UPS's source of power is not available, and the UPS has switched to battery power.

Check that power is being supplied to the UPS, and if there are no problems, turn on the TeraStation.

E11 Fan Failure

An error occurred in the fan speed.

Check that no foreign objects or dust are clogging the fan. If any foreign objects or dust are found, use a pair of tweezers, air duster, or other tool to remove them. If the error is displayed again, contact Buffalo technical support for assistance.

E12 Cooling Failure

A rise in the system temperature may have exceeded the allowable safety value.

Do not place objects in the area around the TeraStation. Also, move the TeraStation to a cool location.

E14 Can't Mount
Array x

RAID array X cannot be mounted.

Run the RAID array disk check in Settings.

E16 Drive x
Not Found

Unable to find hard drive X.

Hard drive X may be disconnected or may have failed. After shutting down, reinstall the hard drive.

E22 Can't Mount
Drive x

Mounting of hard drive X failed.

Format the hard drive. After formatting, if the error still appears after rebooting, replace the hard drive. If the error is displayed again, contact Buffalo technical support for assistance.

E27 Lost
Failover Target

Unable to find the backup TeraStation.

This is displayed on the main TeraStation's display if it is not able to communicate with the failover target TeraStation on the network.

E30 Replace
Drive x

An error occurred, so hard drive X was removed from the RAID array.

Replace hard drive X.



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