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What does the message on the LCD display indicate when the INFO LED is turned on? _02 (TS3000 series)

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After you change settings or format a hard drive, the current status is displayed on the LCD.
If the firmware version is 1.12 or earlier, please click here to see the current status.

LCD Message


Corrective Action

I11 Bad Sectors
on Drive x

The bad sectors in hard drive X may have reached a dangerous level.

Replace hard drive X.

I12 Degraded Mode

Operating in degraded mode.


I13 Formatting
Array x...

Formatting RAID array X.


I14 Checking
Array x…

Checking RAID array X.


I15 Scanning
Array x Data...

Examining the error status of RAID array X.


I16 Creating
Array x...

Creating RAID array X.


I17 Resyncing
Array x...

Resynchronizing RAID array X.


I18 Rebuilding
Array x...

Rebuilding RAID array X.


I19 Filling
Array x with 0s

The array is being overwritten with "000000000…".


I20 Formatting
Drive x...

Formatting hard drive X.


I21 Checking
Drive x...

Checking hard drive X.


I22 Filling
Drive x with 0s

The drive is being overwritten with "000000000…".


I25 Updating

Updating the TeraStation firmware.
Note: Do not turn off the power during the updating process.


I26 Initializing

Initializing all settings.


I27 Checking USB
Drive x...

Checking USB hard drive X.


I28 Formatting
USB Drive x…

Formatting USB hard drive X.


I31 Push Func to
Use New Drive x

The new drive is ready. Press the function button to start using it.

Press the Function button to rebuild the RAID array.

I32 New Drive x

Displayed after replacing hard drive X when the RAID needs to be rebuilt in Settings or formatting is necessary.

In Settings, either rebuild the RAID array or format the hard drive.

I33 Replication

An error occurred in replication, or synchronization between the main TeraStation and the backup TeraStation failed during failover configuration.

In Settings, navigate to Backup - Replication and choose “Resync” to execute resynchronization. If the error is displayed again, contact Buffalo technical support for assistance.

I34 Virus

A virus scan found a virus.

Once the virus is removed from the quarantine folder, the message is no longer displayed. If the antivirus software is configured to delete viruses from the quarantine folder automatically, then the message will not be displayed.

I35 Bay 1 Has
Media Cartridge

The TeraStation cannot operate normally with a media cartridge in bay 1.

Connect to the slot that was set as a media cartridge.

I36 Drive x
Decryption Error

Media cartridge cannot be decrypted. The media cartridge may have been encrypted by a TeraStation other than this product.

Connect to the TeraStation that performed encryption to decrypt.

I37 Recovering

System recovery in progress.


I38 Recovery

System recovery is complete.


I39 Change Boot
Switch Back

Since the recovery has finished, it's time to move the boot switch back to its normal position.

Change the boot mode switch on the rear to HDD.

I40 All Data
Will Be Deleted

Beginning recovery. All data on the drive in Disk 1 will be deleted.


I41 Push Func to
Start Recovery

Pressing the Function button on the front will start the recovery process.


I42 Preparing

Preparing to start the recovery process.


I43 Unsupported

The TeraStation was started from the USB recovery device, but the system cannot be recovered from this USB recovery device.


I44 Drive 1
Not Found

Drive 1 is required for normal TeraStation operation.

Make sure that Disk 1 is present and fully inserted in its slot.

I45 Recovery

Recovery failed.


I46 Migrating
RAID Array x...

Data migration or conversion (RAID migration) is in progress.

Do not turn off the TeraStation power.

I47 Don't Power
Off System!

I48 Push Func to
Start Failover

Failover is configured. Press the function button to start using it.

Hold down the Function button on the front of the target TeraStation until it stops beeping to accept failover backup status.

I49 Lost
Failover Main

This will be displayed on the screen of the backup failover TeraStation if it is not able to detect the main TeraStaion on the network. If you see this message, the backup failover unit is about to replace the original main on the network.

Make sure that the main TeraStation is on, working, and connected to the network.

I50 Failover in
Maintenance Mode

Failover maintenance is in progress.

Do not turn off the TeraStation power.

I51 Initializing

Initializing the failover configuration.

Do not turn off the TeraStation power.

I52 New Firmware

A new firmware version has been released.

Update the firmware.

I54 Backup Job x

xxth backup task has been failed.

Make sure xxth backup task is configured correctly. (“xx” is backup task number.) The LinkStation or TeraStation may be in standby mode. Start the NAS on. If the backup task still fails, check the status of NAS, network, and backup source or destinations.

I55 Recovery Not

Authentication during recovery of settings failed.

Settings can only be restored for the TeraStation whose settings were originally saved. To restore settings, insert the USB memory device, move the Boot Mode switch on the rear of the TeraStation to the USB position, and restart the TeraStation. Or, settings can be restored from Settings with the TeraStation powered on.

I56 Need License
for Camera

Each surveillance camera that's attached needs a license to function.

Purchase and register an additional license.

I57 No Free
Space to Record

There is no available space on the TeraStation for video to be recorded.

Delete or move some of the stored video.

I58 Recording

Video not recorded.

Check your settings. Also, use the utilities provided with your camera to check that the camera is operating correctly.



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