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Which format types can be used for external USB hard drives that connect to TeraStation?

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Format type
Format Type Write*1 Read*1 Description
(USB hard drive only)
Yes Yes

This format is recommended when you connect a hard drive to another product. *2

  • Both Read/Write are supported.
  • Supports Journaling File System.
  • It takes from several minutes to more than 30 minutes to format.
  • Usable data volume after formatting will be less than that of after XFS formatting.
  • Access speed will be slower as there is a large number of files in one folder.

Note: You can format the hard drive to EXT3 from the TeraStation settings screen.

(USB hard drive/
Internal hard drive in TeraStaion)
Yes Yes Recommend for additional USB hard drive connecting on TeraStation, and replaced internal hard drives in the unit.*3
  • Both Read/Write are supported.
  • Supports Journaling File System.
  • The capacity will make less than EXT3 format type.
  • Access speed does not slow down even if the number of files in one folder.
(USB hard drive only)
Yes Yes Recommend if you would check the data by connecting a hard drive to the computer. In the case of the product failure, it is still possible to use by connecting to Windows PC.
  • Both Read/Write are supported.
  • Unable to copy/backup the data which is equal or more than 4GB in one file.
  • Unable to use some characters used by Mac OS X such as ":".
(USB hard drive only)
Yes Yes

Unable to format on the Web Admin interface.
It is Read-only fot TS-X series. Latest model can be recognized.
 (Unable to write at the backup/replication either).

Possible to use by connecting to Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000, Windows Server 2003/2008.

(USB hard drive only)
No Yes Unable to format on the Web Admin interface.
It is Read-only. (Unable to write at the backup/replication either).

Possible to connect Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

*1 This is only about working on TeraStation, not recognizing on the computer.
*2 Use EXT3 reader to read by directly connecting USB hard disk to the computer.
*3 Unable to read even by connecting to the computer directly.

If the capacity of the hard drive is more tan 2.2TB, the hard drive may not be recognized on TeraStation or the capacity is not correct.

It is recommended to select [GPT partitions] when a USB connected hard disk beyond 2.2TB is connected to the TeraStation.
Please note when [GPT partitions] is selected, only PC of Windows 7/Vista, Windows Server2003 ServicePack1 or more, Windows Server2008, Mac OS X10.4 or more, and the products supported by GPT are recognized.




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