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Error code, E26 shows up on the LCD display in front of the TeraStation, and then the replication hasn’t done.

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The data fails to replicate to the target TeraStation when the error code, E26, shows up on the LCD display.

The operation when file replication failure

  1. The TeraStation starts to replicate the data to the target TeraStation after 10 seconds again.
  2. If it fails the replication for the same files by 6 times, the error code and message, “E26 ReplicateFailure”on the LCD display.
  3. Failed file will skip to transfer, and then it starts to replicate next file to the target TeraStation.


Solution if file transfer failed.
Failed and skipped file won’t replication automatically again. Follow the procedure below.

  1. Navigate to [System] – [Backup] – [Replication] in the Web Admin interface of the TeraStation.
  2. Click [Resynchronize].
    The TeraStation will start to replicate and overwrite the data to the target TeraStation.

Troubleshooting if the error occurs after resynchronization.

  1. Confirm whether the replication source and target TeraStation can communicate each other.
    The error occurs if the TeraStation can’t detect the replication target TeraStation or it doesn’t reply over 60 seconds when file transferring.
  2. Do not set multiple Replication Targets for one Replication Source. Multiple transfer processes for Replications will run, and system performance will be adversely affected.
  3. Confirm the file and folder name on Replication Source.
    If the file and folder name on Target Source are included unsupported character, the error occurs when it replicates them to Replication Targets.



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