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How do I reset the TS-X series settings to the factory default?

Created 02/01/2011 08:54  |   Updated 11/08/2011 02:48

There are following 2 ways to initialize the TeraStation.
These operations only initialize the settings. The data in the TeraStation won’t erase.

  1. Initializing by presssing the reset button on the TeraStation.
    Following settings will be initialized by the reset button.
    IP address, Ethernet Frame size, admin username and password, SSL key, Port Trunking, and Network service

    * If you wouldn’t like to initialize the admin username/password, follow the steps below.
    Navigate to [System] – [Restore/Erase] – [Restore Factory Defaults] – [Modify Settings] and select [Keep current admin password]. Click [Save].

    Location of the reset button varies according to model. You will need to open or remove the drive door to access it. A key for the drive door is included in your TeraStation package.
    To reset the TeraStation to its factory default settings, power on the unit and hold down the reset button for five seconds.

  2. Initialization from the Web Admin interface
    In the Web Admin interface, you can initialize almost all settings, including things that are not initialized from the reset button without the data saved in the TeraStation.

    1. In the Web Admin interface, navigate to [System] – [Restore/Erase] – [Restore Factory Defaults].
    2. Click [Restore TeraStation].
    3. The [Confirm Operation] screen will open.
      Enter the number from the [Confirmation Number] field within 60 seconds, then click [Apply]. 
    4. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.




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