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What is a file operation log?

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The file will be saved for SMB/FTP file transfer operation.

  • SMB
    Out put format “Date” “TerStation name” “file_smb[****]:[User name (IP address)]” “file name”
    Example Dec 22 15:34:39 TS-TGL136
    file_smb[3347]:[User:nobody(] File Open(Read) /mnt/array1/share/test
    Description Operation Make Direcotry Make a directory.
    Remove Directory Remove a directory.
    File Open(Read/Write) Read/Write a file when saved.
    File Open(Read) Open a file.
    Rename File Change a file/directory name.
    Remove File Remove a file.
    User name Registered user Registered user name
    Unregistered user Nobody
  • FTP
    Out put format "Date" "IP address" "transferred file size" "file name" "transfer mode" "special action flag" "transfer direction" "access mode" "user name" "service name" "authentication method" "user ID" "status"
    Example Tue Dec 20 11:09:32 2005 0 8217458 1/share/DOS.AA b _ i r admin ftp 1 * c
    Description IP address IP address of the PC which donne the operation
    Transferred file size Transferred file size (Bytes)
    Transfer mode b binary
    a askey
    Special action flag C A file is compressed.
    U A file is unzipped.
    T A file is tarred.
    - Nothing(Usual)
    Transfer direction i Write
    o Read
    Access mode a anonymous
    o guest
    r Authenticated user
    User name User name
    Service name ftp (Usual)
    Authentication method 0 None
    1 RFC931
    User ID * (Usual)
    Status c Transfer has been done.
    i Transfer hasn't been done.



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