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How can I do the low level format?

Created 02/15/2011 08:37  |   Updated 10/04/2013 08:06
  • Data on the hard drive of the TeraStation will be completely deleted.
  • The log information of the TeraStation will also be deleted.
  • The settings of the TeraStation will be restored factory default. (The RAID mode is excluded)
  1. In the Web Admin interface, navigate to [System]-[Restore/Erase]-[Erase].
  2. Click [Erase].

  3. The [Confirm Operation] screen will appear.
    Enter the number shown is the confirmation code field within 60 seconds, and then click [Apply].
  4. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • "I22" will be shown in the front LCD display while executing.
  • It takes several hours to several dozen hours to finish formatting.
  • The TeraStation will be shut down automatically when it is done.
  • If you remove a drive and then erase all data on the TeraStation, the LCD display will show the error "HDx Error E22 HDx Can't Mount" where x is the hard drive you removed. You can still use the TeraStation even it says the error. 



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