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Can I set Access Restrictions with ActiveDirectory to the shared folder?

Created 02/15/2011 08:50  |   Updated 10/04/2013 08:05
The TeraStation can get users, groups, and password from Active Directory domain server.
This procedure is recommended for system administrator only.

  1. Refer to the answer ID 12583 for the procedure to make TeraStation join your Active Directory.
    Click here to see it.
  2. Click [Shared Folders]-[Folder Setup], then click the shared folder to set Access Restrictions.


  3. Click [Access Restrictions], then check the checkbox.


  4. Select [Domain Users] or [Domain Groups], then click [Add]. 


  5. Click and check users to publish (If domain groups are selected at above step, click groups), then click [Add].


  6. Select Permissions of added users or groups from “Read Only” or “Read & Write”.


  7. Click [Save].



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