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  1. Do Buffalo Routers Support WDS?
    [Answer ID: 14364]
    Buffalo Routers that support WDS:CurrentWHR-G54SWHR-HP-G54WHR-G125WZR-G300NWZR-RS-G54WBR2-G54SWBR2-G54WBR-G54WHR3-G54WLA2-G54LWLA2-G54CWLA2-G54WLA-G54CWLA-G54WLM2-G54Buffalo Routers that do not support WDS:...
  2. Wireless disappear/reappear
    [Answer ID: 14211]
    To fix the the problem, try setting it to a static channel.This way, the device will not cycle through the different channels constantly.
  3. ASCII Encryption
    [Answer ID: 14170]
    The ASCII option used regular alphanumeric characters.If using the Hex format however, it was either selected with a button in the configuration or the user had to start the key with "0x" (that's the number zero and a lower-case "x")....
  4. How can I connect Windows XP PC with built-in wireless client to Access Point.
    [Answer ID: 14419]
    Please make sure your PC's Wireless LAN is turned ON (Some PCs have a hardware Wireless On/Off switch)Enable internal PC Wireless LAN (Make sure it is turned on by software or by a hardware switch) . Next to check Internet connection, Start browser to your favorite site. If you are unable to access any site on Internet, continue to next step....
  5. How to : Setup secured wireless connection to router using WPS push button method on Windows XP.
    [Answer ID: 14481]
    AOSS and WPS are systems which enable you to automatically configure wireless LAN settings. Just pressing the buttons will connect wireless devices and complete security settings. Use these systems to connect to computers, game machines, or any wireless devices which support AOSS or WPS....
  6. How to : Setup secured wireless connection to router using WPS push button method on Windows 7.
    [Answer ID: 14482]
      The following are two different procedure to Setup secured wireless connection to router using WPS push button method on Windows7 .Using Windows native application : WLAN AutoConfig ....
  7. How to : Set up WDS
    [Answer ID: 14139]
    Wireless Distribution System (WDS) is a way to wirelessly connect two Access Points (AP) in order to extend wireless coverage area.Connect the Router A (MASTER) and the Router B (SLAVE) manually in the following steps. ...
  8. Vista and Wireless devices
    [Answer ID: 14149]
    Not all the drivers are Vista compatibel. First donwload the latest driver or ther CD Image (Version 9.1 or 9.2).Installing the driver using the Windows installation routine does not work always....
  9. How can I change wireless encryption key renewal (re-key) interval ?
    [Answer ID: 14415]
     Professional Firmware (DD-WRT For Buffalo)1- Log-in to management WEB UI and go to Wireless | Wireless Security Tab. 2- Enter a value for Key Renewal interval.3- Click Apply Settings...
  10. WHR Series Router Internet Setup
    [Answer ID: 14132]
    Please contact DSL provider to obtain PPPoE ID and password prior to taking 1st steps.It is highly recommended that the initial setup through a wired connection to the router and not using a wireless connection....
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