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  1. DriveStation Not Recognized After Standby
    [Answer ID: 14242]
    Users will need to disable power management on USB ports for this issue.Click [Start] > [Run].Type devmgmt.msc in the Open box, and then click [OK].Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers node, and then follow these steps for each USB Root Hub that is listed:...
  2. Disk Access LED is Blinking Red on DriveStation (no RAID device)
    [Answer ID: 14369]
    Drive is approaching full capacityThe Disk Access LED blinking Red (instead of Green) indicates that the drive is approaching full capacity.A solid red LED indicates that the drive is not being recognized correctly...
  3. Do the Drivestations have client support for Windows Server OS?
    [Answer ID: 14182]
    For specific supported Operating Systems, check the product page or the box exterior which will show only supported OS's.
  4. DriveStation: Initializing disk
    [Answer ID: 14203]
    To initialize new disks:Open Computer Management (Local).In the console tree, click Computer Management (Local), click Storage, and then click Disk Management.Right-click the disk to be initialized, and then click Initialize Disk....
  5. Reformatting a DriveStation for Apple OS
    [Answer ID: 14202]
    Run Disk Utility.Go to folder Applications->Utilities.Plug in the DriveStation. It should appear in the window pane, to the left of the main window.An icon for the disk itself should be visible, as well as icons for each of the volumes stored on that disk below....
  6. Gigabytes missing from unit
    [Answer ID: 14210]
    Even if there are Gigabytes missing from the storage devices that I purchased, there is nothing wrong with your device.The issue is how computers measure drive space, as compared to how hard drive manufacturers measure drive space....
  7. DriveStation not recognized by windows Vista
    [Answer ID: 14181]
    Drivestation is a USB device, Vista did not load USB device drivers for computer hardware.Navigate to admin tools, disk manager.  Verify the external drive is displayed.If it is not, unplug the Drivestation USB cable, and plug back in....
  8. Replacing the drive on DriveStation Duo
    [Answer ID: 14194]
    To replace a drive, users will need to perform the following:TURN OFF THE UNIT AND REMOVE ALL CABLES, then flip the unit over and remove the screws on the two fron teet.After unscrewing the two screws, the front panel will swing open....
  9. DriveStation Duo RAID Utility "Drive Not Available, Please Reboot PC" Error
    [Answer ID: 14221]
    Go to Device Manager in Windows.Under Disk Drives, two new drives should appear when the Duo is attached to your computer.Right-click each drive and choose Disable. Then run the RAID configuration software again....
  10. DriveStation Quatro is broken into 4 separate drives
    [Answer ID: 14176]
    This is a limitation of eSATA.There is no work around for this problem, except to change the Quatro to one of its support RAID formats.
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