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  1. How to Use Active Directory
    [Answer ID: 14570]
    Follow this procedure. In Settings, select [Network], then click    to the right of "Workgroup/Domain".  Click [Edit]. Select "Active Directory", then click [Next]. Click [Yes]. In the domain set-up of Active Directory, enter the items as described below, then click [OK]....
  2. Movie: How to join a Buffalo TeraStation to a Windows AD server
    [Answer ID: 14400]
  3. Do I need to download and install the “Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator”?
    [Answer ID: 14546]
    Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server Before using iSCSI equipment with Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, or Windows 2000 Server, download and install the "Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator"....
  4. Restrictions on Active Directory
    [Answer ID: 14569]
    There are some restrictions to synchronize with Active Directory. •A multiple domain is not supported. The product can be used only under a single domain. •To have the TeraStation join an Active Directory domain, configure it to use a DNS server that can resolve names for the Active Directory domain....
  5. Movie:AXIS Camera Companion Installaion Tutorial
    [Answer ID: 14964]
  6. Movie: How to get your Terastation joined and removed from Active Directory
    [Answer ID: 15042]
  7. How to Configure Delegating Authority to an External SMB Server
    [Answer ID: 14516]
    The TeraStation can link to an authentication server for centralized management of user accounts and passwords. Note:When saving changes to the external authentication server settings, click [Yes] to convert all local users to external authentication users. When external authentication is removed, local user passwords will need to be set again....
  8. A backup to a USB hard drive has failed.
    [Answer ID: 14554]
    The USB hard drive may be connected improperly.Follow this procedure below to check the USB hard drive. Step 1 Recognizing the USB hard drive In Settings, then navigate to “Backup”. Select the backup task and click [Delete Job(s)]....
  9. The synchronization with Active Directory as well as the access restriction does not function correctly.
    [Answer ID: 14567]
    [Confirm before starting] Check the supported OS. When the Active Directory is in use, see the restrictions. Restrictions on Active DirectoryWhen the Active Directory cannot be used due to the restrictions, a use of synchronization function with an external authentication server is recommended....
  10. How to Use Active Directory
    [Answer ID: 14568]
    Follow the procedure below to set an access restriction to share folders of the TeraStation, using User and Group of the Active Directory Invalid Characters for Password In Settings, navigate to [Network] - [Workgroup/Domain], then click [Edit] under "Workgroup Settings"....
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