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  1. TeraStation cannot be searched by NAS Navigator2.
    [Answer ID: 14599]
    NAS Navigator2 searches TeraStations on the network and shows their icons.Follow the procedure below when no TeraStation is found.Cause 1. The TeraStation is powered off.Solution 1. Turn on the TeraStation....
  2. How to Configure Replication
    [Answer ID: 14519]
    Replication copies all data from a share to a share on a different TeraStation. This is an easy way to configure a reliable system to provide data protection in the event your main TeraStation fails. To configure replication, connect an Ethernet cable to the LAN port of each TeraStation and follow the procedure....
  3. Movie: How to Configure TeraStation 5000 and 7000 series as iSCSI Target
    [Answer ID: 15038]
  4. How to Access from a NFS Client
    [Answer ID: 14594]
    Accessing from a NFS Client Follow this procedure to configure the TeraStation for access from UNIX with NFS. Note:This section is for information only. Unix and NFS are not supported by Buffalo. If you choose to configure your TeraStation this way, it does not void your warranty, but you are on your own for tech support....
  5. Surveillance Cameras Troubleshooting
    [Answer ID: 15170]
    IssuePossible CausePossible SolutionVideo recording does not start.Surveillance Camera setting not enabled.Enable the Surveillance Camera from Settings.A LAN cable between the TeraStation and network camera is disconnected, or the power is turned off....
  6. Surveillance Server - How to Back Up Recorded Video to Another TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14511]
    Follow this procedure to back up recorded video data to another TeraStation. Note:A separate Surveillance Camera License Pack must be purchased to do this. 1.Click [Start] - [BUFFALO] - [BUFFALO Surveillance Server] - [Data Service Policies]....
  7. Forgotten password / Reset for TeraStation / LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14115]
    TeraStation - HD-H or HS-D - No DoorLook for the Init button on back of device.Press and hold for 10 seconds. The Diag led will start flashing. All settings have been changed to default....
  8. Surveillance Server - How to Export Recorded Data as a MOV Video File
    [Answer ID: 14512]
    Follow this procedure to export recorded data saved to the TeraStation as a MOV format video file. 1.Click [Start] - [BUFFALO] - [BUFFALO Surveillance Server] - [Surveillance Video Manager]....
  9. Surveillance Server - How to Change Where Recorded Video Is Saved
    [Answer ID: 14513]
    Follow this procedure to change the TeraStation to which video is saved. 1.Click [Start] - [BUFFALO] - [BUFFALO Surveillance Server] - [Camera Policies].For Windows 8, click the [Camera Policies]....
  10. Surveillance Server - How to View Saved Video
    [Answer ID: 14514]
    Follow the procedure below to view recorded data saved in the TeraStation. 1.Click [Start] - [BUFFALO] - [BUFFALO Surveillance Server] - [Surveillance Video Manager].For Windows 8, click the [Surveillance Video Manager]....
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