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  1. How To: Set up the destination backup folder when backup setup in Web UI is unable to detect or locate the destination backup folder?
    [Answer ID: 14650]
    How To: Locate backup folder when backup setup in management Web UI unable to detect or locate the Destination backup folder? Buffalo NAS devices can back up data from one folder to another. Backup destination folder can be either on the same NAS/USB attached hard disk or on another Buffalo NAS device on the network....
  2. How To: Setup LinkStation power Management
    [Answer ID: 14655]
    Why LinkStation scheduled Power management does not work? To automatically put LinkStation to "sleep" mode when your PC goes off, set power switch on LinkStation to Auto mode.NAS Navigator2 application should be installed on client PC to automatically fully power ("wake up") LinkStation when PC is back on....
  3. Does incremental backup work when LinkStation is sleep (on stand bay) due to power management settings?
    [Answer ID: 14656]
    If back up scheduled overlap with power management suspension scheduled, will data back up be carried out? Yes.The Power Management feature in LinkStation can be setup for regular scheduled Sleep mode/suspension or it can be setup to automatically suspend LinkStation....
  4. How to: Force (manually wake) LinkStation out of standby/Sleep mode
    [Answer ID: 14657]
    If power management is set to automatic (i.e. power switch set to Auto mode), simply turn on the client PC with installed NAS Navigator2 application.Alternatively, to manually wake a LinkStation from sleep mode before its scheduled wakeup time, move the power switch to the off position, wait 30 seconds, then move the switch back to the on position....
  5. Movie: Join a Buffalo LinkStation Pro or TeraStation NAS to a Windows Active Directory
    [Answer ID: 15044]
  6. Why Shared folders can be accessed from WebAccess without any password security requirement?
    [Answer ID: 14640]
    If Media Server (DLNA Server) is enabled, the supported Multi-Media files in the folder ( "Public Folder")  are made public. Once the folder is assigned to Media Server as  "Public Folder" , the media files in the folder are served regardless of folder restriction settings....
  7. IP Setup Utility Cannot Find Linkstation
    [Answer ID: 14122]
    If the IP Setup Utility cannot find LinkStation, try using the NAS client utility instead.It is an updated version of the LinkStation IP Setup / LS Client utilities and seems to work better on newer systems....
  8. LinkStation Pro - Fan Not Running
    [Answer ID: 14201]
    The fan of the LinkStation Pro is thermally controlled, so it might be inactive and not warm enough to need it yet.Copying about a 1.5 GB of data to the unit should raise the temperature enough to activate the fan....
  9. How to Get Around the "The account name chosen has either already been taken..." Error under WebAccess Settings
    [Answer ID: 15109]
    When you configure WebAccess settings, the LinkStation’s settings may show the error as below. To work around the error:•Choose another "BuffaloNAS.com name" for your WebAccess account. Names may use 3 to 20 alphanumeric characters, underscores (_), and hyphens (-)....
  10. Configuring a LinkStation for Active Directory Domain
    [Answer ID: 14333]
    Configuring a LinkStation NAS for Active Directory:In "IP Address Properties" under "Network", the DNS server address needs to be set to the Domain Controller's address.The clock on the Buffalo needs to be set to the same timezone as the Domain Controller and the times need to be with in 1 minute of each other....
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