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What should I do when I don't see "Rebuild RAID array" in Settings to rebuild the RAID array?

Created 04/03/2013 08:35  |   Updated 08/12/2013 00:29

Formatting a new hard drive will automatically mount it as a single unit and it can not be mounted or rebuild as a RAID drive. To fix this, follow the steps below.



In LinkStation’s settings, navigate to [System] – [Storage], select the new drive, and click [Remove Disk] to dismount it.



Physically remove and reinsert the drive.



Now, you are able to rebuild a RAID array.

Navigate to [System] - [Storage] - [RAID Array], highlight the RAID array, and click [Rebuild RAID array].



For more details on how to replace a hard drive and rebuild a RAID array, click the link below.

LS-WVL or LS-WXL series

LS-QVL series



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