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  1. TeraStation - Supported RAID Arrays
    [Answer ID: 14992]
    TeraStation supports many types of RAID. The type of RAID arrays available for use depends on how many drives are installed in your TeraStation. : RAID mode by defaultTeraStationRAID Mode...
  2. How to: Setup and enable FTP server on LinkStation or TeraStation?
    [Answer ID: 14673]
    1.Start (NAS Navigator2 to launch) a web browser and Log in to management Web UI. 2.Navigate to [Network] - [Settings]. And enable FTP service. 3.Create a User account for Shared (FTP) folder access....
  3. I cannot install "Microsoft Remote Desktop" for Mac.
    [Answer ID: 16178]
    Supported OS for "Microsoft Remote Desktop" is macOS 10.9 or later.Users of Mac computers running OS X 10.8 or earlier need to use "Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2."...
  4. How to: Setup Surveillance Camera Recording on TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14682]
    TeraStation can be setup to record Video/media stream from any Network Camera that has built-in support for Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP).Like HTTP, the RTSP protocol is TCP connection base and when TeraStation Surveillance feature is enabled, TeraStation will connect to camera through the RTSP/transport layer (default port is 554) to save the video stream from RTSP enabled network camera....
  5. Are read and write permissions given to the users and groups if no access restriction is set?
    [Answer ID: 14547]
    If no access restriction is set to the shared folders, read and write access allowed to all users and groups.
  6. I cannot copy a file to the folder restricted by the OS after installing TurboPCEX.
    [Answer ID: 15213]
    Drag a file or a folder by right-clicking and choose "Copy here" or "Move here".You can now copy and move a file or a folder.
  7. How to: Enable and Set Jumbo Frame (Ethernet frame) size for the TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14685]
    Enabling jumbo frames support will greatly improve read/write operation to NAS device on the LAN network.However, jumbo frame setting may not be supported by some routers and host PCs. Internet access may  not be possible due to MTU setting variation and limitation of  intermediate routers....
  8. How To: Set up Web Server (php and MySQL) on the TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14723]
    TeraStation can be setup as a web server to share web contents publicly or privately .The WEB hosting feature is implemented by a dedicated Apache web server, MySQL Data Base server and PHP support....
  9. Replacing a hard drive with higher capacity of drive in the TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14105]
    It can be larger, but not smaller if it's part of a RAID 1 or RAID 5 array.The extra space in the case of a larger drive won't be added to the total volume of the TeraStation.If a smaller drive is used, TeraStation will reply with an error when an attempt to rebuild the RAID array....
  10. Conditions that cause the TeraStation to perform a RAID Check
    [Answer ID: 14111]
    The TeraStation will perform a Disk Check under a few conditions. If the TeraStation was shutdown improperly, it will perform a Disk Check the next time it boots.There are a number of ways the TeraStation can be shut down improperly:...
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