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  1. When restoring the settings, the "rebooting" dialog opens.
    [Answer ID: 15398]
    Restoring is working without any problem even if the "rebooting" dialog opens.A "complete" message will be displayed when restoring is completed.
  2. The spare disk remains displayed after recovering the RAID array from spare disks.
    [Answer ID: 15400]
    There are cases where the spare disk remains displayed when you have recovered the RAID array from spare disks.The display will be corrected by rebooting the TeraStation.
  3. How to confirm WINS Server IP Address
    [Answer ID: 15593]
    WINS Server IP Address is not displayed in Workgroup Settings. Refer to the following steps to confirm WINS Server IP Address. In Settings, Click Network. Click  to the right of "Workgroup/Domain"....
  4. After adding a shared folder, the confirmation screen is still displayed.
    [Answer ID: 15594]
    Click Cancel to close the window.
  5. Error Dialog "No response received from NAS." is displayed.
    [Answer ID: 15595]
    Cause 1: This Error Dialog may be displayed when you click the icon ("I'm here") in Settings. Solution 1: The TeraStation will start to beep normally although Error Dialog is displayed....
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