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  1. Replaced drive on the TeraStation and still receiving a RAID error
    [Answer ID: 14116]
    After you replaced a drive, you need to restructure array onto the new drive.Check to make sure user restructured the RAID array onto the new drive.To do this: Go to Disk Management->RAID Configuration and click on RAID Array 1 (or RAID Array 2 if second Array failed in Mirrored Mode)....
  2. How to Set up a TeraStation Using Mac OS
    [Answer ID: 14162]
    To configure the NAS device from an Apple OS Boot the NAS device while it is connected to the router. Access the settings of the router and look at the DHCP client list.This will show the IP address the NAS device received or use NAS Navigator2, which will show the IP address, the hostname, the firmware version on more information about your Buffalo NAS device....
  3. Why does the transfer speed go down when replication is configured?
    [Answer ID: 14520]
    When the replication source data is updated, the data is transferred to the replication target.This data transfer causes a load increase to the TeraStation, which results in lower transfer speed....
  4. What action is to be taken in case of disk error?
    [Answer ID: 14566]
    Regular report in Email notification function: DISK error status[DISK error status] For example, "DISK3 1"means a read error was detected once in the Disk3.In case the error counter indicates a small number such as "1", an immediate disk replacement is not required....
  5. Movie: How to Rebuild a RAID 5 Array
    [Answer ID: 14965]
  6. How To: Host a web site (with php and MySQL support) on the TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14725]
    TeraStation  can be setup as a web server to publish web contents.The WEB hosting feature is implemented by a dedicated Apache web server, MySQL Data Base server and PHP support.The following is the procedure on how to enable WEB server and MySQL feature  on the TeraStation....
  7. How to: Setup secure page with simple login using PHP and MySQL hosted on TeraStation Web Server
    [Answer ID: 14735]
    For information on how to enable WEB hosting on TeraStation see this link.The following instructions is provided as an example on how to implement a PHP/MySQL authentication/login.Specifically  :...
  8. Apple 2 GB file limit / 32 character limitation on the TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14134]
    The limitation is not due to the format of the TeraStation (XFS).There is a limitation with the Appletalk protocol on the device that files can be no larger than 2 GB with a maximum file/folder name length of 32 characters....
  9. Access Restrictions
    [Answer ID: 14548]
    Four ways to set an access restriction to the TeraStationAn access restriction should be used depending on your environment. By registering users/groups on the TeraStation manually to enable an access restriction....
  10. About Access Restrictions
    [Answer ID: 14549]
    An access restriction sets the access permission such as file read/write restrictions in accordance with individual user IDs.Each PC must be logged in with an individual ID and password....
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