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  1. Why does a user with "Write" permission become "Read-Only"?
    [Answer ID: 14550]
    The shared folder may be set as "read-only" by the group the relevant user belongs to.In case the access restriction for a user is "write permitted" but that for the group the user belongs to is "read-only", the restriction for a group overrides that for a user....
  2. Troubleshooting - Settings Session Expires Frequently
    [Answer ID: 14551]
    Cause 1. Session number limitation over the networkRestart the browser. Cause 2. Security softwareTemporarily disable your antivirus software and software firewall. After setup is complete, re-enable the software....
  3. How to Configure the FTP client software
    [Answer ID: 14564]
    To access the TeraStation via FTP, configure your FTP client software with the following settings:HostnameIP address of the TeraStationUsernameThe TeraStation’s usernamePasswordThe TeraStation’s password...
  4. An email indicating "DISK error notice" was received.
    [Answer ID: 14572]
    Email notification  sends the following, as an example.DISK error notificationHDD error has been encountered.error location: disk 2READ sector:956062896 count:6Disk Read error was detected. RAID drive error will be automatically recovered....
  5. What subnet mask value should be used for TeraStation?
    [Answer ID: 14596]
    The subnet mask value to be set to a TeraStation depends on that of an IP address of a PC.Calculate the value to be set to the TeraStation by referring to the following examples, following a check of the IP address and its subnet mask value set to the PC....
  6. The TeraStation does not boot and the LCD shows the error "E04".
    [Answer ID: 14574]
    The TeraStation firmware is corrupted. Contact Buffalo technical support for assistance.The following procedure might bring the product into a bootable condition.As a repeated reboot may cause other failures,...
  7. Movie: Configuring the Buffalo WebAccess for Buffalo NAS devices
    [Answer ID: 15035]
  8. The UPS synchronization cannot be configured in the TeraStation's settings
    [Answer ID: 14559]
    To setup a UPS synchronization in the TeraStation's settings, the UPS is to be detected.Follow the procedure below to make the UPS be detected. Plug the power cable of the UPS to a wall socket.....
  9. How to Check the Replication Activation?
    [Answer ID: 14521]
    When an error occurred in the replication, the error message "E26 ReplicateFailure" is displayed on the LCD panel. In Settings, navigate to Backup - Replication and choose “Resync” to execute resynchronization. If the error is displayed again, contact Buffalo technical support for assistance....
  10. Supported TeraStations for Replication Source and Target
    [Answer ID: 14539]
    For Replication SourceFor Replication Target WS-6VL/R5 WS-QVL/R5 WS-WVL/R1 WS-RVL/R5 TS-2RZH TS-2RZS TS-8VHL/R6 TS-6VHL/R6 TS-QVHL/R6 TS-WVHL/R1 TS-RVHL/R6 TS-XL/R5 TS-XEL/R5* TS-RXL/R5...
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