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  1. An Error May Occur When You Back up the LinkStation or TeraStation in Express Wizard Screen of NovaBACKUP with Windows XP
    [Answer ID: 15196]
    To back up your LinkStation and TeraStation with NovaBACKUP from Windows XP, select "Backup" on the top of the main menu.
  2. What does the error message "I52 unknown error" indicate?
    [Answer ID: 14573]
    Update the NAS Navigator2 to the latest version, available from www.buffalotech.com.For the TeraStation with the firmware version 1.51 and later, due to the additional online update function and error codes, when the TeraStation detects an online update, the following error massage will be displayed, depending on the version of NAS Navigator2....
  3. How to Format a connected USB hard drive(TS5000,TS-2RZ series)
    [Answer ID: 15399]
    Note:Under some circumstances, data deleted when a drive is formatted can be recovered. To ensure that data is “gone forever”, a format might not be sufficient. See “Erase Data on the TeraStation Completely”....
  4. Which of LAN1 and LAN2 is used for the replication task?
    [Answer ID: 15490]
    - If the firmware version of the TeraStation is 2.50 or earlier, LAN port below is used for replication, depending on the way of connection. The main TeraStation and the backup TeraStation are connected with LAN1 only.: LAN1 is used for replication....
  5. What kind of file format is accepted for USB hard drives?
    [Answer ID: 14555]
    The following kinds of format are recognizable: EXT3, XFS, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+NTFS and HFS+ are regarded as read-only and not for back-up.Features of each format are as follows. format...
  6. Does quota apply for Users/Groups adding on Active Directory? (TeraStation)
    [Answer ID: 13940]
    No. Quota is not applicable for the Users / Groups which get from Active Directory.Quota configured on Active Directory cannot take over to the TeraStation. If you want to configure quota on the TeraStation, you should add Local Users / Groups manually from Settings....
  7. TeraStation - Can I replace a hard drive with higher capacity of drive?
    [Answer ID: 14986]
    Yes, if a hard drive in the TeraStation malfunctions, replace it with a Buffalo Technology OP-HD series, available from www.buffalotech.com. When you have RAID arrays in the TeraStation, all hard drives in the RAID should be changed to the same capacity....
  8. Movie: TeraStation 5000 - Using the BitTorrent Application
    [Answer ID: 15037]
  9. TrashBox explained
    [Answer ID: 14207]
    The trashbox directory is your recycling bin. When you delete a file off the TeraStation is gets moved to the trashbox. 1.If you want to empty the Recycle Bin (ie the trashbox folder), all you need to do is delete the trashbin folder....
  10. How to Use JBOD
    [Answer ID: 14232]
    With JBOD, each hard drive in the TeraStation is addressed separately. Follow this procedure to put drives from an array into JBOD mode. 1.In the TeraStation's settings, navigate to [Disk Management] - [RAID Configuration] - [RAID Array 1] and you can delete the RAID array....
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