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  1. Movie: Backup and Replication with Buffalo Terastations
    [Answer ID: 15043]
  2. Movie: Join a Buffalo LinkStation Pro or TeraStation NAS to a Windows Active Directory
    [Answer ID: 15044]
  3. Movie: Installing and Setting up a Diskless LinkStation (LS-WVL/E) NAS Device
    [Answer ID: 15045]
  4. Movie: Buffalo Terastation Amazon S3 Configuration
    [Answer ID: 15046]
  5. LinkStation 400 - Which format types can be used for external USB hard drives?
    [Answer ID: 15099]
    The following format types are supported:FAT32 (recommended for connecting to computers), EXT3 (recommended for sharing with other LinkStations), XFS (recommended for adding additional external storage to a LinkStation), NTFS, and HFS+ (read-only, cannot format from Settings)....
  6. LinkStation 400 - Can I replace a hard drive with higher capacity of drive?
    [Answer ID: 15106]
    Yes, if a hard drive in LS420D and LS421DE LinkStation malfunctions, replace it with a Buffalo OP-HD/LS series, available from www.buffalotech.com. When you have RAID arrays in the LinkStation, all hard drives in the RAID should be changed to the same capacity....
  7. LinkStation 400 - How can I play back the movies, photos, and music on the DLNA-compliant devices?
    [Answer ID: 15108]
    DLNADLNA is a set of guidelines for sharing digital media. The LinkStation includes a DLNA server compliant with the DLNA guidelines. The movies, photos, and music saved on this product can be played back on DLNA-compliant TVs, stereo equipment, game consoles, and other devices within the network....
  8. How to Get Around the "The account name chosen has either already been taken..." Error under WebAccess Settings
    [Answer ID: 15109]
    When you configure WebAccess settings, the LinkStation’s settings may show the error as below. To work around the error:•Choose another "BuffaloNAS.com name" for your WebAccess account. Names may use 3 to 20 alphanumeric characters, underscores (_), and hyphens (-)....
  9. LinkStation 420, 421e – Can’t Access the Shared Folder “share” After Erasing Data on the LinkStation Completely
    [Answer ID: 15110]
    When you use LinkStation installed a hard drive in drive 2 in LS420D and LS421DE and erase date on the LinkStation permanently (format) in Settings, the LinkStation will create shared folders “share” and “share2”. You can’t access “share”, delete it in Settings....
  10. LinkStation 400 - Supported RAID Arrays
    [Answer ID: 15114]
    LinkStationRAID ModeRAID 1RAID 0JBODLS420DLS421DE: RAID mode by default Notes:•If you change the RAID mode, all data on the array is deleted. Always back up any important data before performing actions that affect your RAID....
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