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  1. Network Path Not Found Error on the LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14150]
    This is usually caused by one of the following: •The computer is not able to see the SMB shares •The "File and Printer Sharing" is not enabled •NetBIOS over TCP/IP is not enabled Follow this procedure....
  2. Buffalo Wireless and Apple OS
    [Answer ID: 14151]
    Buffalo Technology support for its' wireless cards for users using Apple OS is limited.The reason for the limited support is due to the drivers being written by Apple developers and not Buffalo developers, negating control over their functionality....
  3. Problems getting to secure sites through router
    [Answer ID: 14155]
    Several DSL modems have router functions and this causes all communication to go through 2 layers of Network Address Translation.This can cause issues with https sites such as online auction and banking sites....
  4. Wireless Drops
    [Answer ID: 14157]
    Set a specific channel for wireless instead of using Auto channel. The Auto channel will change the wireless channel automatically to avoid interference. Occasionally, if the interference is equal on all channels, it will cycle through them constantly....
  5. RMA's - Data Recovery Policy
    [Answer ID: 14159]
    All Buffalo RMA's are replaced with functional units. Buffalo cannot be held responsible for lost data. All data recovery will need to be performed by the user before sending in the defective unit....
  6. AOSS
    [Answer ID: 14160]
    This is a operation if customer prefers to configure wireless devices without the aid of AOSS. Put the wireless routers IP address in the address bar of your favorite web browser and log into your router....
  7. LinkStation - Remote FTP
    [Answer ID: 14185]
    In order to use ftp from a remote location, users will need to forward ports 20 and 21 to the internal IP address of the Linkstation from the users router. Also, the Linkstation needs to have the correct Default Gateway information....
  8. Cannot log in using a username on a restricted share by Windows Vista
    [Answer ID: 14189]
    Try connecting to "IPAddress" instead of "NASName". Also, try using "WorkgroupNameUserName", "NASNameUserName", or "NASIPAddressUserName".
  9. Router Password Limits
    [Answer ID: 14192]
    If user password is more than 8 characters, only use the first 8 characters of the password that was created.Otherwise, reset the unit to factory defaults.
  10. Shared folders on the LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14198]
    1.Open a browser and enter the IP address of the LinkStation to access the Web Admin interface. 2.Enter your username and password, then click [Login]. Note:The default username and password are "admin" and "password"....
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