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  1. TeraStation WSS – Supported RAID Arrays
    [Answer ID: 14994]
    TeraStation supports many types of RAID. The type of volumes available for use depends on how many drives are installed in your TeraStation. TeraStationVolume TypesRAID 5 VolumeMirrored Volume (RAID 1)...
  2. Recommended Drives List for TeraStation - Enclosure Models
    [Answer ID: 15003]
    TS5800D TS5600D TS5400D TS5200D TS5400R TS-2RZ WS-VL TeraStation Pro TS5800D ManufacturerModelInterfaceCapacity (GB)HGSTHDS5C4040ALE630SATA II4000SeagateST1000DM003SATA III1000...
  3. Recommended Drives List for LinkStation - Enclosure Models
    [Answer ID: 15004]
    LS421DE LS-XL/E LS-WXL/E LS-WVL/E LS-QVL/E LS421DE ManufacturerModelInterfaceCapacity (GB)HGSTHDS724040ALE640SATA III4000SeagateST4000DM000SATA III4000ST4000VN000SATA III4000ST3000DM001...
  4. TeraStation - Replacement Hard Drive
    [Answer ID: 15005]
    Note:LinkStation Quad 6 TB & TeraStation ES, III and III iSCSI 6 TB models (specifically: LS-Q6.0TL/R5, TS-XE6.0TL/R5, TS-X6.0TL/R5, TS-RX6.0TL/R5 and TS-RIX6.0TL/R5) use 1.5 TB hard drives and should use OP-HD1.5T as the replacement drive.#30; For all other capacities and models, please refer to the chart above and then select the appropriate capacity....
  5. Movie: Buffalo Terastation Surveillance Setup
    [Answer ID: 15033]
  6. Movie: Set Up TeraStation 5000 WSS NAS Appliance Series
    [Answer ID: 15034]
  7. Movie: Configuring the Buffalo WebAccess for Buffalo NAS devices
    [Answer ID: 15035]
  8. Movie: How to configure BitTorrent with your Linkstation
    [Answer ID: 15036]
  9. Movie: TeraStation 5000 - Using the BitTorrent Application
    [Answer ID: 15037]
  10. Movie: How to Configure TeraStation 5000 and 7000 series as iSCSI Target
    [Answer ID: 15038]
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