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  1. How to : monitor TeraStations with monitoring software
    [Answer ID: 16305]
    The following software can make it possible to monitor TeraStations.- For more detailed information and questions on the software, please contact the software manufacturer.- To purchase the software, please contact the software manufacturer or reseller....
  2. How to Deal with the warning message "This Connection Is Not Private" displayed in iOS 11
    [Answer ID: 16357]
    Your connection may not be secure. You should ask the administrator whether the page is safe or leave the page by clicking "Go Back." In case the same warning message is displayed when accessing Internet@Start, AOSS2 or guest port through Buffalo's Wi-Fi router, your connection is secure. Please access according to the following procedure....
  3. AirStation's Network USB cannot be used after installing Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
    [Answer ID: 16387]
    It makes SMBv1 invalid that rebooting your PC just after installing Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on and not using SMBv1 during 15 days. Therefore, an USB device attached to the AirStation cannot be made available to the network. ...
  4. How to Reset the Password for the LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14913]
    To reset the password for the LinkStation, initialize the LinkStation to its factory default with the function button.Note:For LS-XL, initialize the LinkStation from Settings. LS400...
  5. How to Get Data Transfer Speed Faster
    [Answer ID: 15057]
    When the LinkStation is set to enable DLNA to play files in the shared folder such as “share“, transfer speeds are slower. Disabling DLNA will get data transfer speed faster. Follow this procedure to disable DLNA....
  6. LinkStation 400 – How to Set Jumbo Frame Size
    [Answer ID: 15098]
    Enabling jumbo frames support will greatly improve read/write operation to NAS device on the LAN network.However, jumbo frame setting may not be supported by some routers and host PCs. Internet access may not be possible due to MTU setting variation and limitation of intermediate routers....
  7. LinkStation 400 – How to Use USB Devices Connected to the LinkStation with Multiple Computers
    [Answer ID: 15123]
    USB Device Server lets you use USB devices connected to the LinkStation with multiple computers. Enabling USB Devices 1.Install the driver and software by connecting the USB device to the computer....
  8. LinkStation 400 - How to Connect a Printer to Your LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 15124]
    You can connect a printer to the USB port on the LinkStation. Settings up a Printer with Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista Setting Up a Printer with Windows XP Notes:•Only one USB printer can be connected to the LinkStation....
  9. How to Work Around the Error “Failure” on the Hot Spare Configured Drive
    [Answer ID: 15125]
    If you initialize your TeraStation's settings, you may have a "Failure" status on a hot spare drive. If NAS Navigator2 or the TeraStation's LCD doesn't show the error message "HDx Broken E30 Replace the DISK", the drive doesn't fail....
  10. Even if NTP is enabled, the time on the TeraStation is out of synchronization with NTP server
    [Answer ID: 15130]
    If you initialize your TeraStation's settings, over a long period of time the internal clock of the TeraStation may show somewhat different time with NTP server even if NTP is enabled. In this case, adjust the time by either of the following ways:...
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